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Yoga Garden is a community centered yoga studio in Shanghai’s Former French Concession where a wide range of high quality classes are taught by experienced teachers from all over the world.

Our weekly classes include Ashtanga (led, Basics, and Mysore), Hatha, Yin, Hatha Vinyasa, Prenatal, Basics, meditation, baby and kid’s classes, and more. We are a non-judgemental, non-dogmatic community, catering to beginners and advanced practitioners alike.

At Yoga Garden, we believe that yoga is not simply about posture and pose, but community, relationship, and living a mindful life on and off the mat.

We are delighted to be holding classes at the beautiful 9 Clouds studio. Please find us here: 17 Xiangyang Bei Lu, 4th Floor. In between Julu and Changle Lu. 






Please visit Rates for promotions and packages and Workshops/Events to see more info about what is happening in May and June at the studio. 

Sarah will teach the 10 am Vinyasa class on Saturday, May 28th. There will be no Yoga for Core on this day. 

Mysore is a self led Ashtanga practice. Students practice at their own pace and level, with guidance from Sarah. It is suitable for beginners but experience with the Primary series is ideal. Please feel free to talk to Sarah before attending.



Mats are available for use, but for hygienic purposes, we recommend bringing your own if possible.



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Hatha Vinyasa, Yoga for Core

Emilie has been teaching with Yoga Garden for 2 years, and effortlessly infuses joy into each class. Originally from the east coast of the US, she is a fitness enthusiast and animal lover. She loves helping students feel empowered in their bodies, and includes alignment in her flow sequences so that every student feels safe, supportive, and poised for growth. Emilie teaches in English.



    Hatha Vinyasa, Power Yoga, Ashtanga

    Bene is a teeny tiny powerhouse sharing her love of yoga each week through creative sequences and core work. She completed her teacher training in Shanghai, and is a dedicated student, as well as a sharp eyed and kind hearted instructor. Bene teaches in English and Chinese.



      Hatha Vinyasa 1-2

      10 years ago, Rotem walked into her neighborhood yoga studio in Tel Aviv, and hasn't looked back. Her classes are strong, energetic, and Jivamukti-inspired. Rotem completed her teacher training in Shanghai with Lorraine Aronson. She loves helping students achieve things they didn’t think possible - look forward to a lot of creative flows, fun music, and arm balancing. She is originally from Israel, and is the proud owner and designer of Core.



        Hatha, Hatha Basics, Yin, Yin/Yang Flow

        Kassi's classes are focused, tailored, and compassionate. She is an excellent teacher for beginners, but her classes are diverse and challenging for students of any level. She completed her first Hatha teacher training in Shanghai, and has remained dedicated to this practice, as well as exploring the intimate practices of Yin. Kassi teaches in English.



          Hatha, Hatha Vinyasa 1-2

          As a student in Preventive Medicine, Jade was keenly interested in anatomy and body work. When she discovered yoga practice in 2005, it was a natural fit. She is drawn to the flowing energy of Hatha Vinyasa, and helps her students find their own energetic expression in the postures. Jade is a warm and attentive teacher, and her classes incorporate pranayama, chanting, and strong, alignment centered asana. Expect to feel challenged and get sweaty. She completed her teacher training with Benjamin Finnerty and John Walker in 2010. She grew up in Guilin, and is an avid outdoorswoman (despite living in Shanghai for 9 years!) and adventurer Jade can teach in English and Chinese.




            Kellie has been involved in some kind of physical fitness since she was a child - her mother was a PE teacher, so maybe it's in her genes! She lived in Hong Kong for 12 years, where she completed the PhysicalMind Initiation 101 Mat course back in 2000. She has also completed Fitness Principles and Mat Level 1, 2 & 3 with Polestar, as well as PhysicalMind Concentration 201. She loves teaching beginners, and helping students build strength and control in their bodies. Kellie has a deep understanding of both anatomy and breath, and her 10 plus years teaching make her classes fun, informative and engaging for all levels. In addition to Pilates, she is also a certified Gyrotonics teacher. She lives in Shanghai with her yoga teaching husband Paul.




              Ashtanga(Led, Basics, Mysore), Hatha Vinyasa 1-2

              Sarah's classes explore movement infused with breath and intention - expect deep backbends, hip openers, and going upside down. She has been practicing for over 11 years and teaching full time for nearly 7. Primarily an Ashtanga and Vinyasa teacher, but learns from and employs methods from Yin and Hatha yoga. She teaches with humor and compassion, as well as a deep understanding of yogic theory and philosophy, and a practical, generous way of sharing. Her classes emphasis mobility over flexibility, and she believes there is a practice out there for any body (and any attitude). She has completed 3 teacher trainings, most recently with senior Ashtanga teacher David Swenson. Sarah is a corn-fed Iowa girl who has lived in Shanghai the last six years, and is co-founder of Yoga Garden, and Director of Programing. Additionally, she is a teacher with Get in touch with her here: sarah at yogagarden dot com.



                Hatha Vinyasa 1

                After many years playing team sports and heaving metal bars around, Paul was introduced to the practice of yoga by his wife, Pilates and Gyrotonic teacher Kellie. His practice began in Hong Kong, and was merely a way to improve flexibility and strength. It wasn’t until he and Kellie moved to California that the real discovery of yoga began. Early dawn classes led to a 200 hour Teacher Training accreditation at Yoga Kingdom Sanctuary in Pasadena. Teaching weekly classes and discovering that yoga was the most effective way to release tension and bring balance, flexibility and strength to the body and mind was life changing. His classes are physical and fun, but always attentive to the more spiritual, subtle practices. His classes are about building strength, inside and out. Here in Shanghai, Paul has completed a 220 hour YTT Yoga Alliance Course under the direction of Rajeev Sasidharan Srikumari.



                  IMG_6650 IMG_6651


                  Yin/Yang Yoga – In Depth 

                  Yin and Yang are interrelated forces of energy that comprise the natural world. They are strengthened by their complementary relationship to one another, and together form a nuanced and dynamic system of action and receptivity.

                  Understanding the subtle qualities and inter-connectedness of yin and yang energies during yoga practice can help us determine when, why, and how we practice.

                  Explore these ideas and energies in this special 3 hour class. Learn how to cultivate the yin energy in a dynamic practice, and how to maintain a dynamic sensitivity in the intimate practice of yin.

                  With Kassi. MAY 22 2 – 5 pm. 300 RMB. Pre-registration required. 


                  July 5th – 13th 2016

                  85 hrs  / 8.5 days Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training (Yoga Alliance RPYT) with Jennifer More, assisted by Wang He.

                  Learn to teach Prenatal Yoga, and guide pregnant women through the journey of pregnancy, while preparing them physically and mentally for the powerful transition of childbirth and motherhood.


                  For Yoga teachers

                  This course is intended to teach Yoga instructors to safely guide their pregnant students through all three trimesters of a healthy and active prenatal yoga class, as well as address the needs of the postnatal student.  Teachers will gain a comprehensive understanding of the unique needs of their pregnant and postnatal yoga practitioners.

                  Prenatal Yoga Teacher Certification

                  Every student who successfully completes this Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga training will be awarded a certificate documenting that they have completed the strict yoga and childbirth education requirements and are eligible to teach Prenatal Yoga.

                  Yoga Alliance

                  All current Yoga Alliance members who complete this training are eligible for the RPYT (Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher) designation from the Yoga Alliance.

                  More than just Prenatal Yoga

                  This prenatal yoga teacher training is unique in that Jennifer’s vast childbirth experience gives her the ability to teach much more than just prenatal yoga. Jennifer integrates techniques to allow women to get in touch with their bodies and the sensations they feel. These techniques are immensely powerful in labor to help change the fearful negative perception many women have about birth. She trains teachers to help women find their strength and power while surrendering and focusing during yoga. Jennifer¡ˉs Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training, as highlighted in past student testimonies, is a powerful experience for the teachers themselves; some have even said the best training they have ever taken! While addressing the empowerment of prenatal women, it¡ˉs only logical that self-empowerment also happens throughout the group; many students undergo their own personal breakthroughs. Jennifer believes that Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga can be the catalyst for a positive and life changing experience of birth and beyond.



                  Support Your Community

                  Make a real difference in the quality of childbirth and pregnancy in your community. Students who complete this teacher training will be inspired and prepared to work with pregnant women and their families and guide them through a challenging, safe and effective prenatal yoga practice.

                  Support Yourself

                  In addition to learning how to teach prenatal yoga, many students join this course to learn about their own bodies and pregnancies. Most courses will have pregnant students enrolled. If your are planning to take this course while pregnant, please be aware of the following:

                  • In order to receive a certification, you must be present for the duration of the course. You do not need to participate in all of the activity, but you should be in the room observing.
                  • You must be responsible for your own well-being, and eat and rest as you need.
                  • Please make sure that you are under the care of a Doctor or other health care professional.

                  Prenatal Yoga in China

                  Jennifer More and Fine Yoga offered one of the first major Prenatal Yoga teacher trainings in Mainland China. Jennifer has taught 5 Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga teacher trainings in China,training hundreds of students in this powerful style. Students will benefit not only from her deep level of knowledge, but also her experience teaching Chinese students in China.


                  Comprehensive Course Materials

                  Each Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga teacher-training student is supplied with a well-researched and written 116-page manual available in English or Chinese, and a 2 DVD set of Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga translated to Chinese. These materials will be a valuable resource in the time following the training.

                  Well Rounded Prenatal Yoga Education

                  Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga ~ Asana and Flow

                  • Prenatal variations and alternatives
                  • Teaching Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga
                  • Teaching Gentle Prenatal Yoga
                  • Poses that pregnant students should avoid
                  • Pregnancy precautions and warning signs
                  • Being responsible with your pregnant students
                  • Modifications for pregnant students attending regular flow yoga classes
                  • Different levels/different bodies
                  • Class sequencing
                  • Modifications for each of the 3 trimesters
                  • Yoga for common pregnancy discomforts
                  • Psoas in motion
                  • Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic teaching

                  Intro to Childbirth Education

                  • Understanding the pregnant body
                  • Understanding prenatal procedures and complications that your students will be experiencing
                  • Stages and phases of labor
                  • Common pregnancy discomforts, health concerns, and precautions
                  • Warning signs of prenatal health issues
                  • Pregnancy exercise myths vs facts
                  • Keeping pregnant women safe and working with the medical community


                  • Understanding the pelvis and pelvic floor muscles as they relate to pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum
                  • Fetal position variations
                  • How to achieve and maintain optimal baby positioning
                  • Muscle release techniques
                  • Labor Anatomy, understanding labor and childbirth

                  Partner Yoga

                  • Prenatal partner yoga and adjustments
                  • Yoga and massage during Labor
                  • Beyond prenatal yoga asana ~ Relaxation techniques for childbirth

                  Postnatal Yoga

                  • Postnatal precautions
                  • Postnatal asana and flow
                  • Diastasis recti identification and treatment
                  • Yoga after cesarean birth or other medical interventions
                  • Teaching mixed pre and postnatal classes


                  July 5th – 13th                  

                  Price in Shanghai :  ¥7200 Sign up one month before ¥6600


                  Pls call 139 1176 7529/   010 8599 9566 to sign up, or

                  Visit for more information, or get in touch with Sarah at Yoga Garden!








                  Monthly class passes
                  1 Month Unlimited Yoga and Pilates: 990 RMB

                  3 Month Unlimited Yoga and Pilates: 2500 RMB

                  6 Month Unlimited Yoga and Pilates: 4000 RMB

                  10 class pass: 1500 RMB (valid 2 months, one person per pass)


                  First timers deal: 200 RMB for first two regular classes

                  Drop in: 180 RMB


                  PROMO! Early bird discount – 5 classes for 500 (only valid for 6:45 am classes, offer ends May 15)

                  Ballet workshop (beginning May 12) Bundle of 5 classes / 750 RMB

                  Passes are non transferable. Presently, we are cash or Wechat Wallet only. 




                  Yoga Garden is inside the beautiful 9 Clouds studio space, located at 17 Xiangyang Bei Lu (4th floor). In between Julu Lu and Changle Lu.
                  9 Clouds is a Tai Chi studio offering daily and weekly classes and trainings. Visit to learn more about their programs!

                  Happy Hour Yoga

                  The next Happy Hour Yoga class is Friday, Feb 26, 7:30 – 8:30 pm, taught by Megan. 

                  A donation-based class taught by different teachers. Proceeds benefit a local charity that changes every 3 months. This is a fun community class that is suitable for all levels. Reservations recommended!

                  Happy Hour Yoga is an opportunity for new teachers to practice teaching, as well as give our community a chance to practice for a good cause. If you are interested in teaching a Happy Hour class, or would like to suggest a charity to support, please email

                  Happy Hour Yoga Helps:

                  XinXing Aid for Street Kids.

                  Over 58 million kids are left abandoned by migrant families unable to support or care for them. These children are virtually invisible – unable to participate in mainstream society without education, shelter or ability to work.

                  Xinxing Aid for Street Kids (Xinxing) is an independent grassroots non-profit organisation specializing in aid for street kids, founded in March 2006 by a group of former staff of Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders) in 2001. Xinxing’s aim is to ensure street children and disadvantaged youth in regain their fundamental rights to survival, development and education by providing them immediate assistance and support, Xinxing offers psycho-support, medical aid, social-educational support, social investigation, and family mediation to help them reintegrate into mainstream society.

                  Previous Happy Hour charities include Lifeline Shanghai, a free mental health helpline for English speakers, and Shanghai Sunrise, which provides educational resources to migrant school children in Shanghai.



                  Past Charities:


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